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Hi! I'm an illustrator and album designer. I hold an MFA in illustration from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, and a BA in Fine Art Design of Theatre, Film & TV degree from the China Academy of Art. I'm accustomed to drawing with digital tools and also love creating handmade crafts. I like finding inspiration in music, literature, and movies, and visualizing what I see, and how I feel about them. My work has atmosphere and emotion, beautiful characters, metaphors, and hidden storylines.


MoCCA Art Festival 2020 Awards of Excellence - Silver Medal

60th Annual Illustration West

59th Annual Illustration West

3x3 Illustration Annual No.17 - Honorable Mention

Hiii Illustration 2019 - Nomination

2020 YOUNG BLOOD x MVM Design & Art Competition graphic design category - Silver Prize

CQ 66 Creative Quarterly - Runner up

CQ 61 Creative Quarterly - Runner up

CQ 60 Creative Quarterly - Runner up

CQ 59 Creative Quarterly - Runner up

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